Takach’s Grove COVID 19 Reopening Policy and Guidelines

Updated September 24, 2020

Within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Takach’s Grove LLC is classified as “Outdoor Recreation”.

Since the facility is largely outdoors including the dining areas, there is plenty of space open to nature with fresh air.   We encourage guests to take advantage of the outdoor aspect in order to escape the restrictions which COVID 19 has created 

Simply breath in deep, Enjoy Nature and Relax.


- Our tables are located in our outdoor dining/open air pavilion, and will be spaced widely to allow for maximum social distancing with a minimum    distance of 8 feet apart.

- Guests are requested to keep masks with them for when social distancing is not available. Masks are available for anyone upon request should a guest not have a mask.

- Hand sanitizing stations will be located at several locations through out the facility including entrances and exits.

Many of our events are catered by outside caterers.   As every caterer has their own individual Covid plan, please contact your host or call us for information who the caterer is and on what the individual Food service COVID plan is for each event